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Top 12 Reasons why Website for business is essential in 2023

Whether you’ve a small business or an industry it is essential to have a professional website in 2023. Here we list out the top 12 reasons why you must have a professionally designed website for your business.

1. 60 % percent of people are online!

As of July 2023, a whooping over 5.48 billion people are using internet and we all know with the increase in internet usage people searching for business online before going out of home is also increasing rapidly. If you are running a business or looking out for a job without a website, you are missing out on an opportunity to reach out to potential customers. If you are an old timer, please understand that having a website is like having your business listed on a telephone directory. Having a website will get your business an online presence and generate more leads. Thus, more sales and profits. 

2. Increased Credibility and Brand Value

50% of people don’t trust business without a website and rate the business according to the design of their website. A website allows you to create a better first impression on your potential consumers and provide you a platform to show off your products in a creative fashion and on your own terms. Isn’t that cool?

3. Website serves you as a resume

Believe or not but having an online portfolio of your work gives you an instant advantage over your competitors in an interview. A Website is easily accessible when you provide a URL in your resume on job portals, it is easy to attract recruits who might be searching for people online that fits your profile. So it’s a win-win situation on either scenario.

4. Easy to influence B2B Marketing & Transactions 

Majority of B2B transactions are dependent on websites. Having a professionally designed site can help you showcase your product better than others and influence the product selection criteria in B2B deals. A creative website for business can take your product presentation to next-level. If you are manufacturing unique products that not many around the world does, having a website with perfectly done SEO can take your business on an international level. 

5. Better reliability than creating business pages on Social Media

Yes, social networking has its own perks. However, they are not reliable in the long term. The very nature of social media thrives on keeping up with trends and your business presence online will go away with them. For example we have seen MySpace, Orkut and are no longer viable and Facebook is taken over by Instagram.

6. Professional Email Address 

It is no secret an email address with your@yourbusiness.com will stand out more than regular gmail, outlook or yahoo email address. It not only gives a professional look to your business cards but also adds brand value to your email address and helps in gaining trust as a verified representative of the business website. 

7. Stay Open 24/7

Your website for business is available to consumers 24/7. Clients can access your data like services contact information about the work you offer at all times. Working through different time zones is easy.you will have a larger audience reaching out for services.you can offer your services anytime.

8. Customer Service

Websites give us the opportunity to connect with customers instantly. Customers can request any information regarding products and services provided by you. You can feedback them immediately thus improving your customer service. It’s a win-win situation for all. Customer satisfaction is top priority for many businesses.

9. Cost Effective Marketing

Building a website for business with proper meta data is enough to advertise your business. You need not be tech savvy. All you need is a professional web designer. Website designing is cost effective nowadays. You need not invest a huge amount of money on traditional advertisements and use it on Digital Marketing to reach out to maximum consumers online. Maintaining and marketing through a website is easy and affordable.

10. Website is a Hub for Social Media

If you have great social media presence on multiple platforms it’s easy to manage all leads from different platforms through a single website. A lot of social media influencers find it easier to do transactions using a website than on social networks where there is no option to sell marketing content.

11. E-commerce

No one can deny the fact e-commerce has taken over traditional business. With the increasing number of online stores it is inevitable to have an e-commerce website if you don’t want to miss out on the large chunk of potential customers. E-commerce websites and digital marketing are the most effective strategies in the current digital age.

12. Last but not the least: effect of Pandemic 

With the huge impact covid has caused on businesses around the world. Online businesses are the best and safe way to go forward. With affordability and easy marketing options it’s best time to take your business online with a professional website.