Here we list out some of the industry leading web design softwares in 2020. Whether you are a professional web developer or casual designer, using any of these tools can make it easy and fun to create websites.  

Sublime Text:

One of the best text editors for programming. It supports various plug-ins to increase compatibility with programming languages. This is shareware and has cross platform support.

Alternatives are Atom and Brackets

WordPress and Elementor:

Elementor is best plugin for WordPress to design highly creative and responsive websites. With the pro version you will motion effects and lottie support for creating websites on pro-level. Elementor supports third party plugins that enhance the plugin further. The best thing about it is it’s completely free and open source unless you want to go for the pro version. Which actually is an add on main plugin.

There are alternatives like Beaver or Siteorigin but they are nowhere near Elementor.


If you are looking for online UX/UI design to collaborate and design prototype designs then Figma is the answer. It is industry leading software that supports vector elements for design. It has capability to generate code for SVG, Android and iOS that you can use for optimisation.

Alternatives are Sketch and Adobe XD


An emerging star in responsive website design industry. Webflow is an all under one roof approach to easy to use CMS and managed Hosting with a drag and drop editor. It is one of the successful competitors or WordPress. Webflow is powered by Amazon Web Services and has support for exporting code on paid plans.


One of the most popular online store platforms in 2020. Much like webflow, Shopify is an approach to provide e-commerce, ssl and domain services. This is the best platform for drop shipping store setup. They have good marketing tools available on premium packages. 

Adobe Dreamweaver:

When it comes to web design tools nothing really comes close to Dreamweaver. The software has been most popular for decades. Since it was first launched by Marcomedia in 1997 the software has been regularly updated to keep up with the latest technologies. Since Adobe acquisition of Marcomedia the software is W3C compliant and supports server side programming languages and frameworks such as ASP and PHP. 

It comes with a Visual Editor, Syntax Highlighter and FTP manager. 

The closest alternative is Brackets.

Google Web Designer:

Internet giant google’s own web design tool is capable of creating HTML based designs that are interactive and engaging. It is available on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Google Web Designer seamlessly integrates with other google products and supports multiple pages, animations and JavaScript events. 

Primarily started as a tool for designing ads it has evolved into software that supports both design and code view. Advanced users can have flexibility to edit HTML, CSS and JS. 

Bookmark this space. We keep updating this list of amazing web design softwares.